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The Scranton diocese was represented by six men from the Guardian of the Redeemer Catholic Men’s Fellowship at the “Leaving a Legacy” Catholic Men’s Conference held today in southeastern PA (Chester County) and sponsored by The King’s Men.  The presenters challenged the 80 men in attendance to put loving the Lord and building a relationship with Jesus as the highest priority in their lives.  The men were also encouraged to serve the Lord by sharing the truth of the Gospel with others, by working to build up God’s kingdom, and by fighting against the evils of pornography, abortion and homosexual activity.  From the left in the photo are Glenn Yanik, Rob Yanik, Walt Babetski, Jim Gialanella, Mark Guarnieri and Lou Guarnieri.


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  1. In his talk, Mark Houck mentioned that, at the cross on Calvary, there were three women and only one man. He didn’t go into any detail about WHY St John had the courage to be at Calvary while the other apostles had fled, but that’s a question that stuck in my mind. Reflecting on it, I know that John was the beloved disciple, the one who Jesus loved in a special way. He was the apostle who apparently sat next to Jesus at the Last Supper, as he was allowed to rest his head on Jesus’ shoulder or chest (John 13:23,25). Since John seems to have reciprocated Jesus’ special love for him, perhaps that is the clue to why John had the courage to be with Jesus through his death on the cross. If I cultivate a special, strong, intimate love for Jesus, perhaps that will give me the courage I need to defend his honor and stand up for his truth when it is challenged. Today’s Gospel reading (John 2:13-22) shows Jesus doing just that, defending the honor of his Father’s house. I’m guessing that, as a man, Jesus had the strength to do this as a result of taking the time in prayer to maintain his loving relationship with his Father. I guess I know what I need to do to increase my courage!

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