Being Catholic Today

About a month ago, I came across a book by the Bishop of Lancaster in England, Patrick O’Donoghue, entitled: “Fit for Mission? Church: Being Catholic Today.”  [It is published by the Catholic Truth Society.]  This is a thoughtful reflection by Bishop O’Donoghue concerning the state of the Church and what he thinks are the most important areas to re-examine.  He asks the question:

Have we forgotten what it is to be Catholic?


According to the Bishop much of Europe has forgotten God:

…there is a vision of man apart from God, apart from Christ.


He goes on to say:

I would propose that for those within the Church who have not succumbed to a ‘forgetfulness of God’, some are at times showing signs of forgetfulness about being Catholic!

Bishop O’Donoghue invites us to “wake from the forgetfulness of sleep.”

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