The effectiveness of family prayer

Matthew Kelly is a Catholic layman from Australia.  Although still a young man in his thirties, he has written quite a few books and speaks all over the world.  Many of his talks are available on CD’s and DVD’s.  This morning, after my prayer of the “Liturgy of the Hours,” I listened to a CD of Matt Kelly called “Building Better Families” which is full of simple wisdom.  Fr. Michael Salvagna gave it to me on Sunday after our Advent Men’s Retreat at Fatima Center.  It is full of insight and really should be listened to very carefully.  For example, he says at one point during the talk that the separation/divorce rate is about 1 out of 2 marriages [families] – but – for those who pray together the separation/divorce rate is 1 out of 2000 marriages [families]!!  YES, you heard correctly:  ONE out of TWO THOUSAND!!!  Does that make you sit up and take notice?  If we want our families and marriages to survive and flourish we know what we need to do.  Are you praying TOGETHER?  Are you praying as a FAMILY?

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