A recommendation

One of the brothers asked me to pass along the following:

I  highly recommend the podcast by Fr John Riccardo entitled “The Man God Uses.”  It’s a talk that he gave at the Saturday evening session of a men’s retreat on October 4, 2008.  I was particularly touched by his brutal honesty about his own prayer life, and his brief comments (near the end) about what he hears coming from some Catholic speakers nowadays.  Fr Riccardo is very encouraging, and points us to the person of Jesus Christ as our own goal, and also the goal to which we should be directing others.


In the second half of his talk, he offers four primary points of direction:

  1. We don’t just need to pray, but we need to be men of intense prayer.
  2. We need to be yoked to other men, and be willing to call each other on to excellence.
  3. We need to be men of humility.
  4. We should never give up.
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