Weapon for the battle for purity

One of the brothers sends along the following:


Christmas does not seem like a good time to bring up the subject of pornography.  However, much like Glenn’s post here, this recent article presents some sobering facts and statistics concerning the use of (and addiction to) pornography by men.


It reminded me of this article from several years ago that included this adaptation of Psalm 130:

De Profundis for Men


Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord, Lord hear my prayer.

The enemy has hedged me in with fleshly temptation in the mail, in the stores, on electronic screens of all sorts.

Everywhere I turn, lo! I am confronted with wickedness, and the weakness of my own flesh.

Wherever I flee he overtakes me, that ancient serpent who strives to put enmity between husband and wife, between spouses and the Lord.

Why have you turned your back on me, that even on my own bed I am assailed with thoughts of selfish pleasures that drag my soul into the pit, and my sin is exposed before you.

My heart yearns for your saving help, infuse it with manly virtue.

Send forth your holy angel to cast into the pit that devil who lays snares for my life and the life of my family.

Strengthen, I beseech you, my arms for battle, set my feet on the path of righteousness, for by your grace only can man prevail.

I trust in the Lord, who supplies aid to my weakness

And I praise his name in the presence of the faithful.

Grant, Lord, that with clean hands and a pure heart I may receive you in the assembly, and render you due worship with all my life, refreshed by your holy sacraments.


Perhaps you may want to add this to your arsenal of daily prayers.

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