A notable guest

We were privileged to have Catholic layman Raymond de Souza attend the Saturday session of our meeting mentioned in the post below.  Raymond currently resides in Sugarloaf (in the Diocese of Scranton) with his wife and eight children.  You may have seen Raymond in one of the programs he has done on EWTN.  A now-ended association with the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart in Harleigh had brought Raymond to our area.  He also serves as a liaison to Portugese-speaking countries for Human Life International.


Raymond was born in Brazil, and has lived and worked in Australia and New Zealand, as well as in the USA.  It only takes a few minutes of hearing Raymond to sense the passion he has for the truth of Jesus Christ and His Church.  Despite his busy schedule both locally and internationally, Raymond graciously offered to assist the Guardian of the Redeemer CMF if the opportunity arises.


You might enjoy this video promoting Raymond’s new series:



Other videos promoting Raymond’s work can be found by putting “sgcinternational” in the YouTube search block.

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