The most recent planning session

On Friday evening and Saturday morning, a mini-retreat/planning meeting was held for the Guardian of the Redeemer CMF at the Holy Family Spiritual Renewal Center near Nanticoke.  About 20 men were able to attend some or all of the meeting.


It was a mini-retreat because overnight accommodations were available, the Renewal Center has its own Chapel with the Blessed Sacrament reserved, and Fr Leo McKernan was able to be with us for the duration, including having Mass for us in the Chapel on Saturday morning.


It was a planning meeting, too, as Glenn Yanik had obviously worked diligently to prepare an agenda and all the supporting materials.  Glenn did a masterful job of blending the spiritual with the practical for the relatively short amount of time that we were together.  For some of us, it was an opportunity to get acquainted with the men who have already been involved in the planning for several months now.  There were both formal and informal times of sharing to help us get to know one another.  Overall, the meeting served as a time to clarify the vision for the CMF in our diocese, as well as an opportunity to define some of the next steps required in order to get men’s groups formed in some of our parishes.  It seemed that all of the participants were motivated and energized as we departed from the meeting.


In my reflection after the meeting, I realized how important it will be for me to pray regarding my efforts in this area.  When men receive a mission, they like to acquire the tools/materials and set out to complete the mission – but too often on their own.  I know that my own tendency is to dive into a project too hastily on my own, without taking the time to pray, without taking the time to consult my Father for his Wisdom, without asking for divine guidance and inspiration, without requesting the prayers of the Saints.  So I’ll be praying that the Lord will touch the hearts of some men in my parish to be open to joining a men’s group.  I’ll be asking the Lord to inspire me regarding which men to contact.


Glenn is trying to solidify plans for a Men’s Holy Hour with Bishop Martino.  The tentative date is March 14th (Saturday).  A location has not yet been secured.  Please keep the planning for this event in your prayers.  This would be an excellent event to which we could invite prospects for our parish men’s groups.


One of the men who attended on Friday evening, Dave from the Williamsport area, shared that he had just been downsized out of a job at the end of December.  Perhaps we could remember to pray for Dave’s employment situation, as well as for the needs of all the other men involved in the Guardian of the Redeemer Catholic Men’s Fellowship.

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2 Comments on “The most recent planning session”

  1. Christian Says:

    I too was at this meeting, and I wanted to share something that I thought about toward the end of the meeting, and also at Mass on Sunday Morning. After the initial retreat in December I had procrastinated about approaching a few other men at our parish to start up a group. I thought, well, the holidays are here, everyone is too busy. After the Solemnity of Mary, I thought — well, I don’t know what to talk about or how to hold a meeting. After solving that one by ordering the Signposts book (from Amazon); my next obstacle was: the announcemewnt about closing the parishes is coming up by the end of the month. I should wait until then. And by that time, I am sure my reason for not starting this will be “Well so many men will be angry or upset at the church, that I will not be able to get anyone to come”.

    It occurred to me at Mass that anxiety and doubt are not fruits of the Holy Spirit. They are fruits of another spirit, however. Especially in this time of turmoil in our Diocese, we men need to share our experience of Christ with one another. This was just a planning session meeting, yet for many of us the fellowship of not being a lone man in a walk with God was akin to giving water to a parched man. Raymond talked of having a retreat about Chivalry for teenage boys. In the age of Chivalry, Knights needed help to don their massive suits of armor. Just so, we need eachother’s help to don the Armor of God (Eph 6:11). Iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another.

    We cannot wait until the perfect confluence of events to begin meeting in our parishes. The enemy is at work now, prowling the Diocese for the ruin of men’s souls. We need fellowship with each other precisely because of turmoil ahead of us in many of our parishes. I, for one, resolve not to procrastinate further. How about you?

  2. Walt B Says:

    Wisely spoken, Christian.
    And your comment about the fellowship was spot on! I felt the same way.

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