Don’t be hamstrung by your past

Yesterday morning I went to Confession.  Facing my failures and weaknesses always brings me down a bit, even though I try to focus on the cleansing, healing and restoring aspect of the Sacrament.


Then, in the afternoon, I listened to this talk that Fr John Riccardo gave at last year’s Men’s Conference in Detroit:


 Gripping the Plow with Both Hands


His thesis is that men often define themselves by their past, and that many Catholic men are prevented from living as radical (“rooted”) disciples of Jesus because they continue to be ashamed of things they have done in the past.  This prevents men from walking in the freedom and the grace that Jesus has for them, from taking the initiative, and from becoming the leaders that our Church so desperately needs.


Then, in the evening, I attended the 6pm Mass at which my son served.  Those closing verses from the First Reading from Isaiah served as a wonderful confirmation of what I had experienced in Confession and heard in Fr Riccardo’s talk:

It is I, I, who wipe out,
for my own sake, your offenses;
your sins I remember no more.

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