Heart of mercy

Misericordia University, founded by the Sisters of Mercy, found itself in the midst of controversy in mid-February having invited a pro-homosexual activist to this Catholic campus.  Bishop Martino, as the Diocesan Bishop, has the role of shepherd and teacher.  He called those in charge at Misericordia to be faithful to the Catholic character of the University.  Our first responsibility is to Christ, our Lord and Teacher.  Academic freedom is important for a university, as well.  Yet, we can examine any topic at a Catholic University, but it must be done from a Catholic perspective.  Misericordia means ‘heart of mercy.’  Jesus said: “Come to me all of you who are weary and I will give you rest…I am meek and humble of heart.”  To all those who are afflicted with a homosexual orientation the Church responds with a heart of mercy and an invitation to come for healing and strength (CCC n. 2357-2359).  Yet, so many involved in this area of sexual disorder and wounded psyches are resistant to the truth of Christ’s teaching in this area.  There is a wonderful ministry called COURAGE, run by Fr. John Harvery [based in New York City], that deals with homosexuality from a profoundly Catholic perspective.  Perhaps Misericordia University will invite Fr. Harvey to come for a visit?  The Church has been described in a papal encyclical as “Mater et Magister,” that is, as “Mother and Teacher.”  Many say “yes” to the Motherhood of the Church, but “no” to the Teacher.  Let us pray for the grace of obedience and humility, so that we may truly cry out: “Jesus is Lord!”

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