The Thief

Several months ago I got rather disgusted with some of the lyrics in the pop music played on the radio.  Having a 10 year old girl who can memorize song lyrics in seemingly one hearing, this has taken on greater importance for me as a father than it had, say 10 years prior.  I believe the song ‘I kissed a girl’ is the one that threw me over the edge, if not sealing the deal.

So I started listening to a genre that I always thought was full of nothing but saccharine songs — Christian Rock.  Soon enough I found that contemporary Christian music is not limited to only ‘Rock’.

It’s mostly dominated by Protestants, but to my surprise I found much to like.  There is a lot here that can transform the culture.  There are still segments of the genre that don’t appeal to me at all, but heck, that’s the same for secular music as well.  E.G., I just don’t ‘get’ country music.  After a lot of time I found that I really don’t listen to my old favorites very much anymore.

One band I found that I like a lot, ‘Third Day‘ combines Southern Rock sound with songs about contemporary struggles with holiness.  I was going to save this for Good Friday, but I will probably not be posting then anyway.  The video add is is by a fan, but I think it works.

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  1. Walt Says:

    Loved it!!

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