Looking ahead to a major anniversary

Less than ten years from now, in the year 2018, the Diocese of Scranton will celebrate it’s 150th  anniversary.  Although there were Catholics living in Northeastern Pennsylvania before 1868, that is the year that the Diocese of Scranton was erected.  Before that, we were part of the Philadelphia Archdiocese.  John Neumann, who was a Bishop of Philadelphia, and later canonized a saint, visited many parishes in what is now the Diocese of Scranton as he traveled through and around this area.  From small and humble beginnings the faith has spread widely and deeply.  Now we are entering a new era.  The Catholic community has many new challenges.  How we fulfill the mandate of Jesus Christ to preach the Gospel and teach the nations will require docility to the Holy Spirit who continues to guide the Church.

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One Comment on “Looking ahead to a major anniversary”

  1. glenn yanik Says:

    it looks like the Guardian of the Redeemer Catholic Men’s Fellowship has another heavenly patron in addition to St Joseph and John Paul the Great.
    Our Holy Hour for Men on March 28 was the anniversary
    of St John Neuman’s birth and the anniversary of his
    appointment as Bishop of Philadelphia which included
    our area. St John Neuman pray for us

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