“We need to work on what women often do better than men – share,”


From the Peoria Journal-Star:

His traditional robes set him aside from the others. But Daniel Jenky’s blue baseball cap was a reminder he was just one in the crowd.

As hundreds of men marched Saturday morning from Liberty Square on the riverfront to St. Mary’s Cathedral, the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Peoria mingled with those toward the back of the pack rather than lead the way.

“If I invite the men of the diocese to do this, I should walk with them,” Jenky said. “If I didn’t, that’s like the commander saying, ‘Go over that hill. I’ll just stay back here.’ ”

The sixth annual Call to Catholic Men of Faith March drew men and boys of all ages from the diocese’s 26 counties to Downtown Peoria in celebration of unity and solidarity.

“We need to work on what women often do better than men – share,” Jenky said with a laugh.

The march began in 2004, following a homily a year earlier at the Erin Feis celebration in which Jenky called on all Catholics to stand up and live for their faith.

The Sons of St. Joseph were inspired. The group of Catholic men arranged the first walk, which attracted about 900.

Pat Rutledge of Galesburg said he’s been to five of the six marches.

“It’s fantastic,” Rutledge said. “It’s a sign of solidarity amongst Catholic men.

“As long as I can walk, I’ll be here.”

Art Hanley of Peoria brought his four sons – Mark, Matthew, Peter and Michael – as a way to show support for the Catholic church, he said.

“Hopefully they’ll take away a message about the importance of their faith,” the eldest Hanley said


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