Hope reigns on the Quad of Notre Dame

With all the negative press the administration of Notre Dame has been receiving lately — it is good to see that there is still a strong witness to the faith on campus.  Maybe it already exists and I am just ignorant, but I wish we could see things like this in our own local Catholic Colleges.

This past Sunday was the 5th annual Eucharistic Procession at Notre Dame. Actually, Notre Dame has sponsored dozens of Eucharistic Processions over the years, but they hadn’t done it for a while until 2005 when a group of students decided to spearhead the effort. Since then, the powers that be at Notre Dame, Holy Cross Collegeand St. Mary’s have gotten behind the effort. The result is that this is truly a notable event in American Catholicism. That which happens at Notre Dame tends to influence on the rest of the Church in America. We see this all the time. That is precisely why the Obama controversy has grown to be so huge. It is also why this procession is so encouraging. Twenty years ago, when I was a student at Notre Dame, something like this could never have happened. Of course, at the time, I probably would not have been too interested anyway.
I estimate the number of participants to be about 600 – 650.  

Read the rest and see some more great photos at The Kloska Family Blog.

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