‘Gender Based’ Abortion now legal — in finem citius II

Sweden rules ‘gender-based’ abortion legal.  Ah, yes — Sweden, that model of what an enlightened society could be.  The Local reported in February that a woman from Eskilstuna in southern Sweden had twice had abortions after finding out the gender of the child. 

The woman, who already had two daughters, requested an amniocentesis in order to allay concerns about possible chromosome abnormalities. At the same time, she also asked to know the foetus’s gender.

Doctors at Mälaren Hospital expressed concern and asked Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) to draw up guidelines on how to handle requests in the future in which they “feel pressured to examine the foetus’s gender” without having a medically compelling reason to do so.

The board has now responded that such requests and thus abortions can not be refused and that it is not possible to deny a woman an abortion up to the 18th week of pregnancy, even if the foetus’s gender is the basis for the request.

A few months ago while waiting to pick up a pizza, I overheard a rather loud conversation between two young women.  They were discussing how a mutual friend had just had an abortion because the unborn child was a boy, and what she really wanted was a girl.  How far we have fallen!

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One Comment on “‘Gender Based’ Abortion now legal — in finem citius II”

  1. Roman_Catholic Says:

    Wow…the demon of abortion gains strength not only in this country but in those around us.

    When will we stand up to it MORE publicly and in unity with our other brothers and sisters around the world?

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