The fallacy of Numbers

As logical arguments go, resorting to claims of the number of adherent’s to a position as proof of that position’s veracity is a logical fallacy.  But it sure makes you feel good when you see that you are not a voice crying out in the wilderness.  I tried not to watch too much of the coverage of the Notre Dame commencement, if only because I don’t want to get angrier.  But what coverage I did see clearly tired to show that the protestors were vastly outnumbered, and by inference, wrong.  So I present this video as a witness of another protest in South Bend that I don’t believe received much covereage.  It’s pretty impressive.  The video tracks the 2 mile continuous protest route from I80 to the campus’s main entrance. Jill Stanek rode in one of the truth trucks from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform to capture this video.

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One Comment on “The fallacy of Numbers”

  1. Walt Says:

    God bless all those people who gave up a lovely Sunday afternoon to stand for the Truth. Change hearts, O God, please touch hardened hearts.

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