The Sacrifice of Cain

I recently received some correspondence from a dear friend who is very much in the vein of trying to interpret the “Spirit of Vatican II”.  She was poinitng out to me some of the news stories about the schismatic Deacon James Calderone; and in general defending the ‘Catholicity’ of the ‘American Catholic Church’.

I ran through a few of the tried and true arguments on Relativism and objective truth, but one thought really struck me.

If one wants to argue how these schismatic ecclesial communites exemplify scripture in their ‘inlcusive’ and ‘all-welcoming’ liturgies, I thought perhaps another argument might serve.

A simpler, and more Biblical, explanation of what is happening today with our relativistic society is that too many people – some bishops, priests, and religious not excluded — offered the sacrifice of Cain, and as a result, the Lord God did not bless their work. 

If you will recall from the book of Genesis, Cain offered the sacrifice of the first fruits of his farm, while his brother Abel offered young lambs from his flock. The Lord blessed the sacrifice of Abel, and rejected that of Cain.  From what I understand, the Rabbinic and the Patristic commentary on this scripture are agreed that the Lord had taught the family of Adam that the proper sacrifice before the Lord was the sacrifice of the lamb, and that Cain had offered what he wanted to offer, rather than that which the Lord demanded.  The sacrifice of Cain is thus a type for all of those who offer what they want to the Lord, rather than what the Lord asks or demands. 

Lest anyone think that I exaggerate here, I invite your attention to the Vatican II statement on Divine Revelation, or Dei Verbum, printed in the front of most Catholic Bibles.  In it, the council fathers proclaim that Scripture, Holy Tradition, and Church Authority, rather than being “inconvenient truths”, are the three means by which the Spirit of God has spoken to human beings.  Further, in their dogmatic statement on the Church, Lumen Gentium, the council fathers proclaimed that one of the chief means by which the Holy Spirit has spoken through the Church has been in and through Her ecumenical councils. It would thus seem obvious to anyone who actually believes in what the Church teaches that God has spoken to us through Sacred Scripture, Holy Tradition, and through the Councils of the Church. It should also appear obvious that any one who would ignore these teachings, was in fact ignoring the Word of God. 

It should also be obvious that he or she who ignores the word of God, but who says that they are doing God’s will, is simply offering the sacrifice of Cain.  I wonder how ACCUS and Fr. Cutie view scripture.

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  1. Walt Says:

    In a free-for-all of selfishness, obedience will be the lost virtue.

    Re the ACCUS, it looks like their cluelessness and arrogance starts at the top, as evidenced by this recent letter to Bp Martino:

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