Never too young for the Truth

Recently, Pope Benedict entertained questions from some children of the Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood, which he answered with simplicity and clarity.  One young lad asked “How can we children help you to proclaim the Gospel?”  His response included this encouragement to pray, and to develop an intimate, personal relationship with our Lord:

First of all, pray. Prayer is a reality:  God listens to us and, when we pray, God enters into our lives, he becomes present among us, works among us. Praying is a very important thing that can change the world, because it makes the power of God present. And it is important to help each other by praying: to pray together in the liturgy, to pray together in the family. And here I would say that it is important to begin the day with a small prayer and also to end the day with a small prayer: to remember our parents in prayer. Pray before lunch, before dinner and during Sunday’s shared Celebration. A Sunday without Mass, the great communal prayer of the Church, is not truly a Sunday:  it lacks the very heart of Sunday and so also the light for the week. And you can also help others especially those who do not pray at home or do not know about prayer by teaching others to pray:  praying with them and in this way introducing others to communion with God.

Next, listen, that is, learn what Jesus really says. In addition, get to know the Sacred Scriptures, the Bible. In the story of Jesus we learn, as the Cardinal said, the Face of God, we learn what God is like. It is important to know Jesus deeply, personally. That way he enters into our life and, through our life, enters into the world.

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