Do you need to alter your sense of reality?

In today’s Gospel, Jesus asks his Apostles, “Do you not yet have faith?”

As we hear Jesus asking us the same question, it might help to ponder these words of Msgr Romano Guardini (from his book “The Lord”) on faith:

The life of faith demands a revolution in our sense of reality.  In our consciousness, which is not only entangled, but completely befuddled by the world, the body is more ‘real’ than the soul; electricity more real than thought; power more real than love; utility more real than truth.  Together they form “the world” – incomparably more real than God.  How difficult it is even in prayer to sense the reality of God!  How difficult, and how seldom given us, the grace of contemplation in which Christ is more tangibly, powerfully present than the things of existence!  And then to rise, to mix with people, perform the duties of the day, feel the tug of environment and public life and still to say, God is more real than all this, Christ more powerful, to say this spontaneously, absolutely convinced that it is so, how many can do this?

Living in faith, working in faith, practicing faith – that is what counts.  Daily, earnest exercise of faith is what alters our sense of reality.  Experience of genuine reality must be our aim.

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One Comment on “Do you need to alter your sense of reality?”

  1. Fr. Leo J. McKernan Says:

    Your quote from Romano Guardini’s book “THE LORD” is an insightful look into the reality of real and growing faith. I am in the process of reading that book now and I can tell you it is a master-piece. Guardini’s penetration of the Gospel is truly amazing. Thanks for your comments.

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