Six twosomes

In tomorrow’s (Sunday’s) Gospel reading (Mark 6:7-13), Jesus sends the Apostles on mission in pairs.  In “To Know Christ Jesus,” Frank Sheed speculates:

One wonders which of them went with Judas – that other Simon, perhaps, whom Matthew pairs with him in the list of the Twelve.  The mind reels at the thought of Judas preaching a sermon.  What indeed did the mission mean to him?  Was his first zeal still in him? We may doubt it, for it was only a month or so later that Jesus said of him “one of you is a devil” (Jn 6:71).  There would have been excitement for him, of course, in casting out devils – and ironical amusement for the devils, if they knew the way he was going.  But what did he teach?  What, indeed, did any of them teach?


We may assume that, had they gone around two by two saying, “Moses says but Jesus says”, that Jesus was greater than the Temple, Lord of the Sabbath – then two by two they would have been stoned to death.


We are left wondering, I say, whether they would have been very good at answering questions even about the Kingdom.  They did not know when it would come, or how or what it would look like.


But they would work their miracles…We can imagine the cold pain in the back and the gulp as they steeled themselves to their first miracle – would the disease obey them?  Would the devils? Their first sermon might have meant a chiller pain, a more sickening gulp – anyone who remembers his own first speech will know about that.

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