A little light reading…yeah, right.

I just got my Ignatius press flier in the mail today, and I took a few minutes to sit down in some A/C and dream about all the books I can’t afford to read becasue there is no classy Theology library nearby (gotta get me some kind of pass to the Seminary Library up in Dalton somehow).

Anyway, I just about fell out of my chair at the prices on their summer sale.  Run… do not walk… stop what you’re doing,  and go over to Ignatius press and check out the OUTRAGEOUS prices.

Then come back here.


For the balance of my summer (and fall, and winter…), I will be sitting by the pool (okay, puddle in the backyard) cozying up to:

  1. Joseph Ratzinger — Values in a Time of Upheaval
  2. Adrienne von Speyr — John vol 2, vol 4 (I already read vol 1)
  3. Hans Urs von Balthasar — Expolorations in Theology II
  4. Hans Urs von Balthasar — Theo-Logic vols 1,2,3 and Epilogue
  5. Joseph Pieper — For Love of Wisdom
  6. Joseph Ratzinger — Church, Ecumenism, Politcs
  7. Joseph Ratzinger — Pilgrim Fellowship of Faith

Oh, and I have Piers Paul Reid’s ‘Death of a Pope on my iPhone, which I better finish up in a hurry.  In fact, right now… have a great day!

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2 Comments on “A little light reading…yeah, right.”

  1. Walt Says:

    Wow! That’s some heavy lifting. I think I popped a hernia just reading the titles!

    Probably under the subliminal influence of your recent post on that “Making of an Exorcist” book, I just pre-ordered this one: http://tinyurl.com/nfl6pr
    This should be fun!

  2. Christian Says:

    I could sit with one page on that book for a half hour. Straight to the “Wish List”

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