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Over at Catholic Dads, they have this great story

I recently recieved an e-mail from a professor at Lourdes College. This e-mail was about class assignments and a paper to sign – that must be signed prior to taking the class.The class? Human Sexuality. I wrote the professor asking if the course is in-line with Catholic teachings on the subject. I thought it was a fair question as Lourdes College is a Catholic college, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis/Sylvania.

My e-mail was simple:I am curious concerning the Agreement and Understanding form plus the course syllabus – Being that Lourdes is a Catholic College does this course teach within the Catholic Church’s understanding of Human Sexuality particularly homosexuality, transgender, pornography and sex prior to marriage?

Seems simple enough.

Her reply:
“Thank you for contacting me. Let’s meet and discuss your concerns.This course is a social science course that focuses on understanding how society operates, given particular social and historical contexts, and the factors that contribute to its operation. In that context, premarital sex, pornography, etc. will be studied. One of the many factors contributing to the representation of these phenomena at a particular time is the institution of religion (including Catholicism).Have you thoroughly reviewed a copy of the text? After you’ve had a chance to do that, contact me and we can discuss some of the assumptions of the social scientific approach and how it relates to the topics in this course.I look forward to meeting with you.”

But wait, it gets better… check it out…

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