Notes from ‘Church, Ecumenism, & Politics’

I’m presently reading the above book by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. He consistently writes some surprising things, and I thought I’d share dome of them as I come across them.

“a body maintains it’s identity by the fact that it constantly becomes new in the process of living. For Cardinal Newman, the idea of development was the real bridge to his conversion to the Catholic faith. I believe that this idea is indeed one of the critical basic concepts of Catholicism on which there still has not been sufficient reflection, although here, too, the Second Vatican Council is to be credited with having formulated the idea for the first time in a magisterial document.  Anyone who wants to cling exclusively to the wordings of Scripture or to formulas and structures of the Patristic Church banishes Christ to yesterday. The result, then, either a completely sterile faith that has nothing to say to today or else an arbitrariness that skips over two thousand years of history, tosses it onto the scrap heap of failed enterprises, and now decides to figure out what Christianity should really look like according to the scriptures or according to Jesus. But that can only amount to an artificial product of our own making that has no inherent stability. There is real identity with the origin only when there is at the same time a living continuity that unfolds it and thereby preserves it.”

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