An intriguing discussion…

…is taking place at the Intentional Disciples blog.  It started with this post (and Comments) regarding how well our Catholic faith is being lived out in the parish.  It morphed into a contrast between Catholics and Evangelicals in this post.  Stay tuned, as it appears the discussion will continue when Sherry Weddell returns from Omaha today.

Also, while you’re in the neighborhood, I found this post of Fr Mike’s very interesting.

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One Comment on “An intriguing discussion…”

  1. Fr. Leo J. McKernan Says:

    I believe this is exactly why we need the Guardian of the Redeemer Catholic Men’s Fellowship. We all need to grow in discipleship and living out the “Christ-Life” that we profess making Jesus more deeply the center and foundation of our life. The Church has been weaken with the “dictatorship of relativism” and the Gospel has been compromised quite often beyond recognition. It is a call to all of our men to come forward as men of God and brothers of Christ.

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