Not afraid to ‘get involved’

I just heard this great news story about the mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett, who came to a woman’s aid.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was hospitalized with head and hand injuries on Sunday after he attempted to assist a woman crying for help, and was attacked by a man with a metal pipe near the Wisconsin State Fair, police said.

The mayor had gone to the Wisconsin State Fair on Saturday with his children and niece. As Barrett walked to his car, he heard a woman screaming for someone to call 911, police said.

“My brother Tom encountered a domestic violence situation,” the mayor’s brother John Barrett said. “Tom stepped up and did the right thing. He called 911 and tried to calm the situation, protect the grandmother and her grandchild. As a result of his actions, Tom was attacked and struck repeatedly with a metal object. Tom’s efforts protected the woman and the child. His efforts also protected members of our family, as well.”

The suspect allegedly hit him in the head and torso with a metal pipe. It appeared Mayor Barrett fought back, fracturing his hand when he punched the suspect.

“Tom is in stable condition,” John Barrett said. “He’s still got his sense of humor. He’s a good brother and he’s in good shape, he’ll be fine.”

Even in the face of violence he acted with courage and selflessness.  The example of the protector is one that is deeply needed in our culture.

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