Hope for the future

Last evening, John Paul Yanik [son of Glenn and Marianne] invited me to a reception/social after his commissioning in the US Army.  John Paul just finished King’s College in the spring.  He participated in the Army’s ROTC program during his time in studies.  At this party, I met a number of fine young men who give me great hope for the future of our nation and, even more importantly, for the Church.  Marianne and Glenn gave me the great gift over 21 years ago of being present for the birth of John Paul [named after John Paul the Great].  It was a life changing experience!  The emotions are still impossible to describe after all of these years.  Feelings of gratitude and reverence and a sense of awe and wonder remain.  Congratulations John Paul!  A job well done to Glenn and Marianne!  [I know your job is not really finished yet, but nonetheless, many thanks]

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