Obama won’t meet with Pro-Life Democratic Representative

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) The pro-life Democrat who says he had 40 Democrats who will vote against the health care bill in the House because it funds abortions can’t get a meeting with President Barack Obama. Rep. Bart Stupak, in a new interview, talks more about how the pro-life Democrats can hold up the pro-abortion bill, HR 3200.

Responding to the speech President Obama gave last week promoting the bills, Stupak told the Weekly Standard that “there certainly is public funding for abortion” in the House measure.

He says the legislation would allow both the public health insurance plan, known as the public option, and federally subsidized private plans to pay for abortions using taxpayer funds.

Stupak, a Michigan congressman, told the conservative magazine that he has repeatedly asked for a meeting, or even a few minutes on the phone, with Obama but has been consistently refused.

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One Comment on “Obama won’t meet with Pro-Life Democratic Representative”

  1. Walt Says:

    I can’t help but note an irony here. Wasn’t Bishop Martino accused of the same type of refusal to communicate and lack of receptivity? It appears that some Catholics will support Pres Obama’s methods, while simultaneously castigating Bishop Martino for governing in the same manner!!

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