My final facebook post…

Below is what I posted a short while ago on facebook.  I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, and if you have experience with facebook, I’d appreciate your comments on it below.

Well folks, there are things I think that facebook is good for, but I have found that there are many, many things that it is NOT good for. From privacy concerns with these games, quizzes and applications, to the nearly voyeuristic hubris of reading how ‘friends’ are inadvertently damaging real life relationships through their postings, to watching how dinner get-togethers turn sour as everyone in succession pulls out their mobile device to check out facebook and then ceasing to be present to eachother in the real world. I tried pulling back and not posting very much, but I find that merely watching the ads and quiz results has a negative effect on me. I’m going to leave my account alone for a few days, to give everyone a chance to read my goodbye, and from there I hope to ‘friend’ you all again, face to face. God Bless.

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