When you don’t believe in God, you’ll believe in ANYTHING.

I’ll be going on a much needed vacation next week and won’t have the chance to post much, but I find what follows to be a humorous parting shot.

I imagine you’ve all heard of NASA’s moon bombing which occurred earlier this morning?  Well, the UK Register has reported on a whole collection of people who are thoroughly against the project.  And it just goes to show you, that the title of this post is soooooo true.  Some of the things these people advocate in stopping the bombing are:

What can we as surrealists or lunatics or astrologers or naturalists or anarcho-primitivists or Greens or werewolves or pagans or psychics or UFO groupies or other concerned members of the general public do?We must soothe the Moon, we bandage her. We implore other celestial bodies and entities to aid her. We will not let her endure this crime or its grim aftermath alone.

We need to communicate to the Moon. Talk to her in our dreams, trances, or meditations, and prepare her for this shock and wound as best we can. Hold her, send out imaginative protection to her, and put our dream bodies out there in front of the bomb. Collectively, we can sabotage the bombing or by imagining all manner of things going wrong, or encouraging the Moon to increase her own magnetic shields. Sing to her. Give her back just a tiny portion of all that she has done for us. We are all created from Moon dust

From the Register article:

Nutjob Parade Those readers who’ve been following NASA’s LCROSS lunar pole-prang mission, which saw a brace of spacecraft crash into the Moon’s south pole earlier today, will be aware that the effort wasn’t popular in all quarters.

In particular the self-styled “Chicago Surrealist Movement”, claiming to speak for “surrealists, lunatics, astrologers, naturalists, anarcho-primitivists, Greens, werewolves, pagans, psychics, UFO groupies and other concerned members of the general public” launched an impassioned and beautifully written appeal to “Stop NASA Bombing the Moon!”, which we enjoyed so much we reported it earlier in the week.

As a result we’ve had a good deal of feedback on the topic of moon assault, which we thought we’d share with you while the world waits for the results of the crater strike.

First up is commentard Bill Fresher:

The moon is a huge water balloon. If they pop it with a bomb it’ll burst, the water will fall into Earth’s atmosphere, heat up on entry and turn to steam, which will cook us all. Please stop NASA.

Many noted the traditional association of the Moon with femininity. An individual known as “Jemmifer Scott” wrote in on this subject, saying:

as a woman i feel violated that NASA feel it’s acceptable to bomb the moon.i demand this is stopped. i think we should get an INJUNCTION against NASA.

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2 Comments on “When you don’t believe in God, you’ll believe in ANYTHING.”

  1. Walt Says:

    Hollywood really missed the boat on this one. Someone should have produced a sci-fi thriller, timed for release a month or two prior to today, having a plot in which our ‘bombing’ of the moon released an alien life form that had been trapped under the moon’s surface for billions of years, which proceeds to wreak some apocalyptic havoc on Earth.

  2. Mike Says:

    Walt, that would have been great.

    Great job categorizing this one, Christian.

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