An extreme trust

mercyThe message at the bottom of the famous image of Jesus as Divine Mercy says “Jesus, I Trust in You.”  During protracted periods of trial our trust in Jesus can be attacked, and if we’re not careful, it can weaken, and even falter.

The Divine Mercy site today had an article by Fr Seraphim Michalenko MIC which explained well how we need to trust in the Lord.  It included this challenging paragraph:

The trust that Jesus desires and needs, and, we can say, even demands, from His beloved humankind, created in His own divine image and likeness, is bold acts of instinctive and unquestioning dependence and reliance on His goodness, honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness, by which we express our absolute conviction that we will not be deceived, or injured, or let down in the expectation of God’s being faithful to His promises. Our placing complete trust in God binds us to Him most intimately, and, according to our Lord’s own admission, renders Him the greatest honor.

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