Monk’s Thriving Coffee Business attracts young men to the Monastery

WASHINGTON (CNS) — A small Carmelite monastery in Clark, Wyo., has seen its coffee sales take off in the last couple of years, and the growing awareness of its coffee business has brought an added benefit to the community — more members.

“In the past two years, the monks themselves have grown from six to 15 monks and all the new monks are under 25, some right out of high school,” said Susie George, a neighbor of the monks who helped with marketing and computer work for the coffee business, in a letter e-mailed to Catholic News Service.

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One Comment on “Monk’s Thriving Coffee Business attracts young men to the Monastery”

  1. Walt Says:

    Midnight Vigils Blend – I love the name!! It’s so…monastic!

    Br Paul Marie’s comment that ‘he was searching for more in life than just conforming to society’ is so indicative of the fact that the increasing shallowness of the culture is clearly recognizable even to young adults.

    It’s good to see monasteries growing as America heads into its own Dark Ages.

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