Tom Peters has been regarded as a biz guru since he co-authored the groundbreaking book “In Search of Excellence” in the early 1980’s.  Lately, in addition to business theory and practice, he’s been stressing the ‘soft,’ the abstract – as evidenced by his recent post on the “Eight Courtesies.”

This is all well and good, and will certainly make the world – and the workplace – a more pleasant place.  A certain (superficial?) amount of progress in these areas can be achieved by our mere natural efforts.  But to make serious progress, we need the grace of God that is available to us by virtue of the sacrifice of Jesus.  Our cooperation with this grace will not only enable us to practice the Eight Courtesies, but to practice them with joy, and to look forward to the opportunities.  That grace is an irreplaceable element in our battle to overcome the selfishness that prevents us from exercising virtue in our lives.

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