George Weigel

 A few weeks ago, George Weigel gave this very good talk in Michigan.  Because of the limitations on my reading/listening time, I don’t normally journey into this type of material, i.e., the juxtaposition of Catholicism with the American socio-political landscape.  You’ll undoubtedly enjoy the talk if you’re interested in that stuff.  If I want to grow as an authentic Catholic layman, I should pay more attention to it myself!

Even if you choose not to listen to the entire talk, I encourage you to listen to the beginning of the audio, where Fr John Riccardo introduces George Weigel to the group.  Prior to giving a formal introduction summarizing Mr Weigel’s accomplishments, Fr Riccardo honors him – and he specifically uses the term “honor.”  To honor someone simply means to personally and publicly affirm them for their virtues, their admirable qualities, perhaps even citing specific examples.  In a culture filled with sarcasm and negative humor, it’s a practice we Catholic men would do well to adopt.  Too often we wait until someone has died to honor them adequately.

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