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I’m troubled by Santa.  I really am.  The zeitgeist tells us that this Thursday evening — Christmas Eve — Santa will emerge from his North Pole Fortress of Solitude, and fly magically about the world, bringing toys and gifts to all the good little boys and girls.  He makes a list, he checks it twice, and he knows who’s naughty, and who’s nice.  “Nice” little girls and boys get nice gifts, while “naughty” ones get . . . coal?  Something like that.  But Santa is all about Christmas, the second most important Christian Holy Day.

Oddly, everyone seems to have pretty much the same idea about Santa, and how he operates.  At the same time, there are a boatload of Christian denominations that can’t agree with each other about a long list of things, from justification to vestments to the propriety of Crucifixes.  And they all disagree with the Catholic Church about something or other.  So if Christianity is not the same thing to all denominations, then why the heck should they agree on Santa? 

Go on over to read how Santa would behave if he was a member of different Christian denominations…

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