Please pray now

I came across the following in our blog stats just now:

These are the search terms people used when clicking into our blog.   Whoever found us on that last search needs help. 


Search Views
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“guardian of the redeemer” 1
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clinic in st.thomas that do aborshion 1

There is a mother and child in great need of grace right now.  I’d ask that you take a moment right now, and pray.  Pray hard.

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  1. Walt Says:

    Jesus, Author of Life, to you do we entrust this mother (and father, if he is aware of this) who may be seriously considering the killing of her child. Allow her heart to be overwhelmed with a sense of your deep personal love for her. Open her mind to the awesome dignity of each human person from the very moment of conception. Transform her regret of her irresponsible actions into the courage to accept the responsibility of keeping or putting up for adoption this new life that has been conceived. Inspire her to celebrate this new life, rather than hastily deciding that she would be better off without it. Deliver her from any shame, fear or hopelessness to a generosity that will embrace this new life and want it to have the same opportunity to experience human life that she had. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray that she will choose life!

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