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The Catholic Entrepreneur

March 30, 2010

For the record, I’m not one in the manner described below.

I was listening to a podcast with one of my favorite business book authors, Michael Gerber.  Back in the 80’s he wrote a fabulous book called ‘T’he E-Myth – Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It’ ‘ which is a bestselling manual on how to gain the right perspective in running your own business.

Well, Michael is about 75 years old now, and has added some of that valuable commodity we all pray that age brings us — Wisdom.  In this recent interview, Michael’s perspective had matured.  I was just about floored listening to this because I completely expected a secular free-enterprise approach.  So was the host, he never saw it coming and didn’t quite know how to react

Understand that if in my life I don’t feel inspired to discoverwhat it means to be alive — to discover what my true purpose is on this earth in the time that I have here —  If I’m not moved to go deeper within myself, then I’ll be moved to go superficially outside myself.  And as I go superficially outside myself, all of my plans and all of my objectives will be Under the value of what I could potentially reach.  So my model says that the human being is a significant thing.  The human being is a remarkable thing.  I don’t even know what a human being really is.  I don’t even know why I’m here — but I NEED to know, I need to pursue it.  And everything that I do can become an expression of that as I begin to discover it.  So to me, that’s a living equation that has a life force to it.  The life force is extraordinary.  The life force is everything.  And I don’t know what the life-force of Google is.  In other words, I don’t see the imagineer at Google creating something beyond belief for any other reason other than wealth.

Does Bill Gates really need to make 16 billion dollars a day?  Does he really NEED to do that?  Is it really WORTH doing?  Understand that that greed is absolutely resident in almost every business that is created today.  And I’m simply saying, you gotta go beyond that.  It’s gotta go beyond the Trump factor.  It’s gotta go to something absolutely unique.  What would it mean for example, if Bill Gates had the same passion as Martin Luther King?  What would it mean if Martin Luther King had known what Bill gates knew?  Can you imagine taking the skills of the one and putting them into the other — the drive of the one and putting it into the other — the spirit of the one and putting it into the other?  Can you imagine the profound impact that would have on the KIND of companies we create?  Then you begin to understand the extraordinary vitality of an enterprise that set about saying what Martin Luther King said in ‘I have a dream.”

What do I say to the individual who has the dream of being an entrepreneur and wants to know where to start?  From here you simply look for the pain in the world, and you try to heal it.  You look for the pain in the world and you invent a company that is designed to heal it.  What’s the pain — no water, no food, no fresh air, a young woman with  2 kids and no husband or father.  You look in the world and look at the pain and you’ll discover the opportunity.  The opportunity to transform pain into health — into whatever it is that the counter component of it is — you have the opportunity to do that. 

The Invisible Woman

March 29, 2010

Nancy Beccaloni [wife of Gary Beccaloni who some of you know], a dear friend, sent this video to me.  It speaks about a number of important matters.  How do we treat the women in our life?  Are we aware of building with God in our family?  It is mostly an invisible and hidden work.  It only takes a few minutes to listen to this … it is a great reflection.


March 28, 2010

…from the March 2oth Catholic Men’s Prayer Breakfast at Harvey’s Lake:

Deacon Tom Cesarini leads Morning Prayer

Ted Mike provides music

Men at prayer #1

Men at prayer #2

Glenn encourages the men

Frank Yanik & Dave Parmalee work the kitchen

Fr Daniel Toomey teaches after breakfast

Fr Daniel Toomey & Deacon Tom Cesarini

Date Night suggestion

March 27, 2010

I would not normally suggest going to a movie during Holy Week, but my daughter informed me that the FM Kirby Center in Wilkes Barre is having two special showings of the movie “Bright Star” on Wednesday, March 31st.  Unfortunately, this movie never made it to regular cinema circulation — the good ones rarely do!  If your wife (or daughter) enjoys romantic movies, she would probably enjoy this one.  Here is Deal Hudson’s review.

Accidents happen.

March 24, 2010

From “Fishers of Men”

A proposal for Catholic Education

March 23, 2010

I received my enrollment application and tuition notice for my daughter in the Holy Redeemer system, accompanied by a noticeably strident plea from the principle to enroll.  Elementary education is up $250 this year.  I was expecting this, as the timing of Catholic Schools Week marketing lined up nicely with publishing the Diocesan and School system  financial statements.  When we were in a private secular school, tuition was much much higher than we presently pay.

This evening I ran across this very interesting proposal aimed at the vicious circle Diocesan Catholic School systems seem to be in.  Check it out, it is an interesting read.  Essentially it posits that the per child tuition model is not only dead, but unreflective of our Christian values.  What do you think?

Well that didn’t take long

March 23, 2010

You know that Executive order that is supposed to make us pro-lifers feel all satisfied?  Well how come Planned Parenthood doesn’t see a downside to this.  From the official Planned Parenthood statement:

For more than a year, PP has worked tirelessly for a health care reform bill that would fix our broken health care system, strengthen women’s health, and achieve quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

Today, monumental progress was made toward achieving these goals with the passage of historic health care reform legislation by the U.S. House of Representatives, despite a symbolic gesture, in the form of an Executive Order, to anti-choice Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI), which has diverted attention from the central goal of health care reform – controlling costs and extending coverage.

As a trusted health care provider to millions of women and families across the country, Planned Parenthood applauds the fact that this legislation would extend health care coverage, including family planning, to tens of millions of women and families, guarantee access to affordable life-saving screenings for cervical and breast cancer and other serious health problems, protect women against gender discrimination by private insurers, end the practice of dropping coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and significantly increase access to reproductive health care.

The proposal also includes a commonsense provision to expand family planning under Medicaid, which would significantly increase access to essential preventive health care for millions of women….

Nonetheless, we regret that a pro-choice president of a pro-choice nation was forced to sign an Executive Order that further codifies the proposed anti-choice language in the health care reform bill,originally proposed by Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

What the president’s executive order did not do is include the complete and total ban on private health insurance coverage for abortion that Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) had insisted upon. So while we regret that this proposed Executive Order has given the imprimatur of the president to Senator Nelson’s language, it is critically important to note that it does not include the Stupak abortion ban.