Some more aids for observing lent

The Curt Jester has just opened up his Lent-Mart store to help us all in observing Lent.  You have to check it out.  Good Stuff.  Some Specials that I like:

Sackcloth T $17.99

Have you ever wanted to try out sackcloth, but just weren’t sure how it was done properly?  If you answered yes you are a candidate for the Sackcloth T the finest in penitential undershirts and you can get them monogrammed. People might give you strange looks as you constantly scratch your upper body, but they won’t know your wearing sackcloth under your work shirt.  If you want something more fashionable then you can also order are sackcloth hoodies. (This one’s for you, Walt)

Charity Checker $22.99.  Are you a blogger or commenter and find that sometimes in enthusiastic defense of the faith you go a little overboard in attacking others personally instead of setting forth arguments to defend the Church? If so you will love this new browser plugin “Charity Checker” that works with your favorite browser and can even incorporate itself into blogger, MT, or WordPress. Also works great outside of Lent.

Portable Font $7.99  On Ash Wednesday does your parish remove the Holy Water from all the fonts? Do they replace it with marbles, sands, twigs, or basically any object but Holy Water? If so check out the Portable Font. Easily collapses and fits in your pocket. While traveling the water won’t leak, but with just one twist of our patented lid you can then dip your fingers and bless yourself. Holds enough water for you and your family.

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