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I came across an ad for this site last night.  I didn’t have as much time to explore it as I would like, but I thought I’d post it up here and ask everyone for their thoughts.


The e5 Man fasts for his bride to imitate Jesus as described by Saint Paul in his letter to the Ephesians, chapter 5 (for which e5 is named). Fasting is eating only bread and water.

Jesus made a bodily sacrifice on the cross for His Bride the Church to present her to God the Father “without spot or wrinkle.” (Eph 5:27) By fasting for our earthly bride and joining our sufferings to Christ’s we intercede for grace for our brides. At the same time our act of bodily love in union with Christ accelerates our own conversion.

By making this sacrifice for the women in our lives we live out the essence of the gospel through a very particular act of self denial. To lay down one’s body out of love for another is the central message of the gospel.

Do check it out.  What do you think?  Have you ever done something like this before, or even thought of the need to do so?  I would venture a guess that for many of us, this might constitute a radical re-orientation of our prayer lives.  My favorite from the FAQ: “Do I tell my wife? There are two answers No and Yes. It really depends on your situation.” Heh.

Talk amongst yourselves now…

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One Comment on “The e5 Men”

  1. Mike Says:

    Although I never formally “signed up” as an E5 man, I have been offering up my fasts for my wife since reading it.
    I would also offer, in my humble opinion, that fasting is a “radical re-orientation of prayer life” each and every time I attempt it. It never gets easy and although I do perceive some good fruit, it is an extreme effort for me each time. I would welcome the guidance and comaraderie of others – to be “sharpened” by you guys here.

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