Better than winning the lottery!

As I surfed the Catholic web today, I found some descriptions about the Archbishop-designate of Los Angeles very intriguing.  Abp Jose Gomez, currently the Archbishop of San Antonio, was described on Rocco’s blog as “the lone American bishop ever to be a full member of Opus Dei,” and was quoted by Tim Drake as saying “In the Archdiocese of San Antonio we started a new marriage preparation program based on the Theology of the Body.”  Tim also mentioned the Abp’s 2007 pastoral letter entitled “The Tender Mercy of Our God.”  Since we’re in the middle of the Novena to Divine Mercy, that seemed too coincidental to pass up, so I searched it out and began reading.

Wow!!!  What an awesome letter!  The very first paragraph uses the phrase “called to holiness and mission.”  The second paragraph is in-your-face Trinitarian.  So, already, by the third paragraph, I am deeply appreciating Abp Gomez’s teaching style.  After reading the sixth paragraph (still on the first page [of the pdf]), I’m addicted.  And it continued.  Nothing new, mind you.  What was so striking to me was the JP2-esque pastoral clarity with which he presented the Truth.  Christocentric throughout.  Challenging us to “deepening a personal relationship with [Jesus] in order to be his follower and his friend.”

More specifically relevant to Catholic Men’s Fellowships was this role model to whom he directed us:

“Let us remind our culture of people like Blessed Luis Magaña Servin, one of our newest American blesseds, a devoted husband and father, martyred in Mexico in 1928. Facing a firing squad, he was able to speak words of forgiveness to the soldiers about to execute him: ‘I pardon you and I promise you that on arriving in the presence of God you are the first ones I will intercede for. Viva Cristo Rey! Viva Santa María de Guadalupe!’”

All in all, a tremendous read in this ‘mercy week,’ and a great resource for teaching about the Sacrament of Penance.

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