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Pope Benedict XVI teaches on the liturgy: (money quote in bold)

From this point of view, one can understand “the preoccupation of the Successor of Peter over all that which can obfuscate the more original aspect of the Catholic faith: Today Jesus Christ is alive and really present in the consecrated host and chalice.”

According to the Holy Father, “a lesser attention paid at times to the worship of the Most Blessed Sacrament is the sign and cause of the obfuscation of the Christian meaning of the mystery, as happens when in the Holy Mass Jesus is no longer preeminent and active, but a community exists busy with many things rather than being absorbed and attracted by the only thing necessary: its Lord.”

“The primary and essential attitude of the Christian faithful who participates in the liturgical celebration is not to do, but to listen, to be open, to receive,” he continued. “It is obvious that in this case to receive does not mean to remain passive or indifferent to what is happening, but to cooperate — because rendered capable of doing so by the grace of God.

“If in the liturgy the figure of Christ, who is its beginning and is really present to render it valid, does not emerge, we will no longer have the Christian liturgy.

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