Interview with a stripper

There is a really excellent site I have mentioned before — Who does it hurt? — I think they might have renamed as The Porn Effect

They have just posted an Interview with a Stripper.  It might come as a shock to those who frequent strip clubs and other sources of porn, she is surprisingly candid (PG-13 Content given the subject matter).  Make sure you read to the end, to get a fuller picture of the damage this industry does to lives.  A snippet:

Matt: What’s it like…honestly? Stripping in front of strangers who care nothing for you?

June: It makes me feel sick. A lot of the time I try to imagine they’re not there or something but part of it is making them feel special. Looking into their eyes is really important. I hate having to do that because I hate them all. I always have thoughts like “I hate you so much. Please die.” While Im kneeling in front of them, smiling and staring into their eyes.

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