On the Fatima Prayer

While praying the rosary I was thinking about the Fatima prayer, specifically the line “save us from the fires of hell.”  For those familiar with the story, naturally the brief glimpse of hell granted to the Fatima children may come to mind.  I was meditating on another vision which I read about in Fr. Gabriel Amorth’s “An Exorcist Tells his Story” ( it is not nearly the snesationalist book that some make it out to be.  Very level headed).

One day Father Candido asked a 13-year-old girl, “two enemies, who hated each other all their lives, hated each other to death, and both ended up in hell.  What is the relationship that they will share now, since they will be with each other for all eternity?”  And this was the answer: “how stupid you are!  Down there everyone lives folded within himself and torn apart by his regrets.  There is no relationship with anyone; everyone finds himself in the most profound solitude and desperately weeps for the evil that he has committed.  It is like a cemetery.”

Kind of reminds me of chapter 2 of Jerry Pournelle’s “Inferno” – a modern retelling of Dante’s Safari through hell.  The narrator finds himself in a void with no sensation no sound no sight and only his thoughts, which quickly lead to madness.  Hell is the absence of God, where we choose to send ourselves.  While through our love for others we can make a bit of the kingdom of Heaven present here on Earth; likewise through our selfishness and living folded within ourselves we can bring about a little bit of hell on earth too.  May God grant me the courage to continue to step outside of myself.

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