First Holy Communion

45-years-ago today (May 2, 1965) I received my first Holy Communion from the hands of Rev. Roman A. Wieziolowski at Holy Trinity Church in Nanticoke.  Unlike some very holy people, I have no conscious memory of that day.  I was only nine years old.  But I am truly grateful for it.  Thank you, Lord, that I was born into a Catholic family.  Thank you for all of my ancestors who passed on their Catholic faith.  Thank you for all that my parents sacrificed to send me to a Catholic school. Thank you for Fr Wieziolowski and his service to you and us as a priest.  Thank you for Sister Flavia, the Bernadine Sister who taught my Third Grade class and prepared us for Penance and Holy Communion.  Thank you for my parents who bought me that nice suit and had my picture taken by a professional photographer!  I ask you, Lord, to bless all of my classmates who also received Jesus for the first time that day.  Wherever they are, reveal yourself and your intense love to them in a special way this day.

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