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  1. Kim Krupsha Says:

    Glen, Is this a reflection on your personal feelings or are we to take this post/link as a reflection about how members of the GOTR feel the feminist movement and the role of men & women in the family unit? The author is directing her comments to a very radical feminist movement. I’m doubtful it’s the later and I don’t feel that this post is appropriate to the sentiment of your group – becoming a better Catholic man, becoming a better husband to women, becoming a better father to children, becoming a better brother to fellow Catholic men.

  2. Walt Says:

    To me, the essay was an exposition of Joseph’s humility – how he grew in it, how he experienced it, how he exercised it – all in service to his family in faithfulness to God. Humility is a virtue which grates harshly against the grain of American independence and self-sufficiency. I found the author revealing the various ways in which Joseph humbled himself (or accepted being humbled) to become a better man of God, a better husband, and a better father. Here is something that I pray occasionally that serves as both a prayer and a review of life for my own growth in humility, in which I have a long way to go:

  3. Kim Says:

    Thanks Walt for the commentary! I enjoyed reading everything except the opening and the last paragraphs, which I found quite inflammatory and a statement against the womans movement. The womans movement was borne out of the need to stop oppression of women in society- not to start the suppression of ‘real men’. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on the role of women in society today! It is no longer JUST in the home!

  4. Walt Says:

    Kim, what did I say that leads you to believe that I think the place of a wife is “JUST in the home”? I would never espouse so narrow a position. That would be a judgmental and controlling position, in opposition to human freedom and a woman’s dignity, as well as Church teaching. My own wife worked as a nurse during one period of our marriage.

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