Trust in HIM to work through you

Today’s installment in Maurice Blumberg’s mini-series on “Evangelization” gave me great consolation. When it comes to evangelization, I am a great coward, because I generally lack the faith that anything I would say could actually touch someone’s heart. So when Maurice says…

It is so easy as Catholic men to feel inadequate when it comes to sharing the Gospel message with other men. However, God wants us to have the same confidence in him that Paul had. We don’t need eloquence. All we have to do is stay close to him in prayer and open our mouths when the opportunities arrive. He’ll take care of the rest. He’ll give us the words to say, just as he did for Paul.

…I realize that I’m placing too much focus on myself, and not enough on the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to change hearts. I do stay close to God in prayer, so I just need to trust that my passion for the Lord and my desire to see others experience that same passion will be used by the Lord – if I will have the courage and confidence to open my mouth.

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