Theology of the Body Congress

I hadn’t even heard about this big Theology of the Body congress before I saw this Zenit article from a few days ago.  And it’s practically in our backyard, just two hours away.  All the TOB heavy-hitters will be there – except Christopher West!!  What’s up with that?  I checked his speaking schedule (which is much lighter than usual), but found no conflict with the dates of this congress.  Oh, wait…he’s on sabbatical.  Anyway, get this:  the accommodations at the congress venue are sold out!  Three months before the event!!  The good news is that there are plenty of hotels in that area, in case you’re thinking about attending.

If anyone is interested in having a TOB study group around here, let me know.  There are plenty of good books and DVDs out there to serve as a basis for the study.

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