The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Today, “the Feast of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,” is also the conclusion of “the Year for Priests” which was initiated by Pope Benedict XVI last year on this same great feast of Christ’s love. The reading from today’s mass recalled the teaching of Jesus concerning the Shepherd’s tender care for his sheep. He told the parable of the 100 sheep and the one who wandered away. He explains that there is more joy over one repentant sinner than for the 99 who had no need to repent. Jesus reminds us of the incredible value of each soul. On this feast of the Sacred Heart, we are reminded of the prophet Jeremiah speaking prophetically uttered these words: “I have loved you with an everlasting love and my love for you is constant.” St. Paul tells us in this letter to the Romans [chapter 5, verse 5]: “the love of God has been poured into your hearts by the Holy Spirit.” The Shepherd pours His love from the Cross and gives that love to us. The heart of the Christian life is love, so it stands to reason that the heart of the Priestly life must be love.

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