Perfect thanks

When I attend Mass, I do my best to be fully engaged.  I concentrate on the Scripture readings, the homily, and the prayers.  I’m not easily distracted at Mass. My post-Communion prayer is always a time when I express my gratitude to our Lord.  Still, I’m sometimes left with the feeling after Mass that my thanksgiving to God has been feeble, lacking, insufficient.  In his teaching on this Sunday’s Gospel, Msgr Pope helps me to understand why I feel that way:

We cannot thank God the Father adequately, but Jesus can. And in every Mass we join our meager thanksgiving to his perfect thanksgiving. Jesus takes up the cup of salvation and shows it to us at every Mass through the priest. This is the perfect and superabundant thanks that only Jesus can offer the Father. And he joins us to his perfect sacrifice of thanks in every Mass. This is how we give thanks in a way commensurate with the manifold blessings we have received.

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