For this year’s graduates

I remember a number of years ago being present at the dedication service of the Anderson athletic center at Misericordia. My boss and I had been invited because our company had installed some equipment in the building.  The service included addresses and prayers led by both the Bishop of Scranton at that time, and the priest who was the Campus Minister.  I was appalled and bewildered, because neither their remarks nor prayers included any reference to Christ, to the Gospel, or to the Church.

I was reminded of that occasion recently when I read the baccalaureate keynote address delivered at USC by LA Abp Jose Gomez.  It’s a wonderfully simple proclamation of Jesus and the Good News in a public, university setting.

If you know someone graduating this year, might I suggest that you forward them the link to Abp Gomez’s address, or include a copy of his address in the graduation card you give them (remember…New Evangelization….new in ardor, methods and expression!).  It’s a message that all young adults need to hear.

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