Happy Birthday Glenn!

Birthday greetings today to Guardian of the Redeemer CMF Coordinator Glenn Yanik.  Yes, Glenn shares his birthday with our nation itself – so it’s easy to remember!

I’ve known Glenn for more than 25 years, and am grateful for his friendship and Christian brotherhood.  His zeal for Jesus and His Church has been an example to me over all those years.  His faithfulness to Marianne, and his unity with her, is a model of married life from which we can all benefit.  Together they have persevered in love through the many challenges that accompany raising a large family.  His desire to live out Malachi 3:24 is evident in his fatherly love and service to his children.

Glenn’s dedication to prayer, Sacred Scripture, and spiritual reading keep him close to the Heart of Christ.  It was from Glenn’s exuberance about Pope John Paul II (back in the mid-80’s) that I first became aware of the depth of insight and prophetic voice of JP2.  I will always be thankful that Glenn led me to see the importance of JP2’s teaching.  And I’ll always be thankful that Glenn’s Mom & Dad — Rita & George Yanik — were open to new life.

Happy Birthday, Glenn!

Glenn is on the left - for those who don't know him

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  1. Glenn Yanik Says:

    Thanks Walt for the kind words and the photo of our first pilgrimage as Guardians. I thank God for the many man years of friendship among the band of brothers depicted in the photo

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