Jesus was no ‘Girlie Man’

Monsignor Pope over at the Diocese of Washington’s blog laments the exclusively kind and gentle image of Jesus he grew up with in the 1970’s catechesis.  Anyone remember that — I certainly do.  I was presented with a sacharriny sweet portrayal of Christ that was much less about challenging me to sin no more, but more about loving me where I was at.


From his post:

The “Jesus” I was presented with seemed soft and unimpressive compared to them and, teenager that I was, I was unmoved. Who will follow an uncertain trumpet? The basic message of Jesus 1970 was “be nice” but 1970s Catholicism (which Fr. Robert Barron calls “beige Catholicism”) stripped away the clarion call of repentance and trumpet-like command that we take up our cross, that we lose our life in order to save it.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I actually began to study the real Jesus, the one in Scriptures. He was nothing like the thin little williow-wisp of a man I had been taught. He was a vigorous leader, a man among men. Someone who was formidable and commanding of respect. Someone I could look up to.

What follows is a portrait of Jesus Christ that I culled from a few sources and adapted.

Check out what he found


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